Crowdfunding is the only option for me to be able to pay for my treatment, because said treatment isn’t covered by insurance in the Netherlands (yet). My other option would be not getting any treatment but in that case ALS will win. I will lose my voice.

The complete treatment costs about: 48.000 euros, sadly I am not this wealthy. I am now trying to get the money that is necessary to pay for my treatment. I won’t be able to do this without your help.

Update: With your help, we have been able to collect the entire amount, and even a bit more! Donations are no longer necessary for this reason. Thank you for your efforts!

Can you hear me? Then please donate so that I can save my voice. Take action! With your help I can continue my battle against ALS. With your donation you can give me some extra time and give my wife and son more wonderful memories together!

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