Your donation
Crowdfunding is the only way for me to pay for this treatment because, unfortunately, in the Netherlands it is not yet covered by insurance. I can’t do it alone. I am aware it is absurd to ask for financial aid but it’s also the harsh reality of my life. I do not have this amount of money.

Asking for financial help is a big step and definitely not my style but fighting for the happiness of my family is worth the attempt.

I will promise you one thing. The money you donate will be used well. The foundation ‘KansvoorHanno’ will thoroughly check that everything goes according to the correct procedure and that the money is spent wisely. This foundation is run by honest and transparent members. Bookkeeping will be checked by an independent and legally valid party.

If you don’t want to support me because you don’t know me personally, I’ll understand completely. In that case, think about the 4-yeard old happy kid whose father is his greatest hero.

‘My daddy is supersweet and ill. Sometimes I don’t understand him because he talks funny.’ Tygo (4)

You can help me. Give me a voice. Donate!